Showreel 2019




Art Direction
Sound Design


Design and development of my personal showreel for spring 2019.


What narrative do I use to tell my design story?

Developing the narrative for my showreel was an interesting problem to tackle. Much like designing one’s own branding, the showreel faces the paradoxical problem of being something one is both particularly familiar with and uncomfortable approaching. For my own reel the primary problem was that I have two fairly distinct styles I find myself working with regularly: playful, mischievous, and frequently ironic cartoons and more serious, cinematic pieces. I enjoy working in both styles, so I had to make both feel appropriate to the context. The concept I ended up exploring was this caricature of myself actually working on the reel - where he was playful and funny, but building something dark and cinematic.



Style Frames

The character concept for “Sir Deaddo” began as a joke between Joyce Chen and I. After many sleepless nights working in the early parts of the “Dave” campaign, she suggested that I do some personal work animating a caricature of myself as an endlessly working skeleton. The joke made for good laughs, but soon it was an idea I couldn’t shake. Eventually I had storyboards for a narrative within my showreel that showcased Sir Deaddo working tirelessly on his own reel. The design was loads of fun and I think serves as interesting commentary on the hustle culture artists and designers have established for themselves in this day and age.



Style Frames

When designing the narrative arc I knew I needed some darker moments. I needed to both build tension and momentum, because it was going to be a faced-paced reel; and I needed to show off some of the more serious, cinematic side of my work. What emerged was this glitchy, sombre title card that contrasts wonderfully with the bright, playfulness of Sir Deaddo to create a somewhat cyberpunk vibe that carries the song’s mood into an exciting display.



Style Frames

When putting together my reel’s board-o-matics, I had a sense of how to use my existing work and the Sir Deaddo narrative. However, my cut of the song came out a bit too long for the content I actually had available. I did not want to put in older work that no longer met the standards set in the reel thus far, so I decided to build a short sequence of new footage to fill the gaps. Here, I play with a dark, glitchy transition into a call-to-action for viewers before sliding into my logo outro. The cuts add a certain satisfaction to the flow of the reel’s conclusion. These boards began as “polished filler”, but, ultimately, rounded out the film in a way I could never have anticipated at the onset.



Behind the Scenes

The development process for this film was pretty massive, so it would be impossible to show you everything that took place. But in these stills, you can find some interesting moments that happened over the course of development as well as some insight into my workflow. Of note are the peeks into how I managed my edit; some of the cool mattes I came up with for my filler; and the seek keys I dropped to do the title card, Deaddo, and my logo outro. Enjoy.




Film by Luke Parker

Music by Daft Punk

Special Thanks

There are far too many thanks to give for this beast of a project, but notably are Joyce Chen for her unwavering support and feedback as well as my clients, One Choice Mechanical and Jenny Lai, for giving me so much freedom to explore in their work.