Art Direction
Sound Design


Short film featuring UI Design & Animation of a sci-fi navigation console.


What are we looking for? What remains to be found?

Remnant is an experimental art film asking these questions as it explores the feeling of searching for something that can’t quite be found. What began as a UI Design study slowly turned into a bigger series of questions as I wondered why exactly a character may be using such a device. This personal exploration has been wildly rewarding and a huge source of growth for my animation abilities.



UI Animation

This animation is where Remnant began. I wanted to design an ambient UI for a sci-fi space ship, intended for use in film. I wanted the design to be beautiful, but also somewhat militant. The glitch animations allowed me to infuse a certain darkness to the elements as well. Functionally, this animation is meant to be some sort of navigational console constantly searching for something as it moves through its environment. I thought this idea of searching would make a good story beat, and it ultimately inspired the over-arching film.




These frames are all about developing a polish and mood that was up to this point foreign to me. I wanted a really dark, atmospheric film and so I worked hard to get the ambiguity in lighting and forms just right.



Behind the Scenes

This became a more intensive project than I imagined at the onset. What was initially just a UI Design & Animation slowly evolved into something more. The overall processe involved everything from Houdini Terrain to Hard Surface Modelling in Fusion 360. I hope you enjoy this peek into the development of Remnant.




Film by Luke Parker

Special Thanks

To Joyce Chen, always, for putting up with my work addiction.