Viv - NOT Aligne






Animation art directed by Joyce Chen for the fashion label NOT by Jenny Lai.


How do we personify the design process?

This animation is all about the design process. We wanted to showcase Jenny’s brand in an innovative and empathetic way that underscored her unique vision. We decided to showcase the process for developing a new garment from an idea’s germ to the final draping. We presented the materials as abstract characters going on their own hero’s journey—all within the context of a dance being performed for the viewers (a pleasant nod to Jenny’s specialization in costumes for performing artists).



Style Frames

There were a great deal of ideas to juggle when designing these frames that has led to many iterations and developments in the over-arching narrative. A primary consideration that has settled into the final lookdev is that we wanted to queue audience’s in to the idea that they were an audience and also build a focus on the performers so that it was clear the materials were acting as characters. We developed this concept by generating a stage context to end-cap the narrative with - something surreal and dreamlike to reflect the energy of Jenny’s brand. While the garment is “dancing”, however, the cinematography has a macro feel for an ultra-tight, dreamy focus on the performers.



Behind the Scenes

The ongoing process for this film has been insane: from environment and garment design, to cloth motion and material development, to extensive compositing for a special, dreamy atmosphere this piece has seen it all. Here are some special behind the scenes moments ranging from development to ideas that didn’t make the cut to give you a peek into how we approached this considerable narrative.




Art Direction: Joyce Chen

Design/Animation: Luke Parker

Music: Mike Truesdell

Special Thanks

To Jenny Lai for being so patient with me after so many weeks of playing with her brand. I have learned so much from this project and am really grateful to have been given the opportunity.