Home Comfort Campaign




Art Direction
Sound Design


Ad campaign for an HVAC company aiming to speak metaphorically about how comfortable a customer’s home could be.


How do you show someone the idea of comfort?

These comfort campaigns run on an alternating cycle for my client, One Choice Mechanical. They are longer than the other spots I typically do for them and tend to have more abstract and engaging narrative. These ads are intended to use sensory imagery, particularly of an abstract or natural tone, to evoke feelings of comfort and security.



Style Frames

Getting these frames was the hardest part fo this project. I was using the newest comfort campaign to try something more technically daring and integrate Houdini as a key part of my pipeline. I had to learn a ton about many new subjects including terrain, natural environment design and dressing, trees, FLIP and whitewater solvers. I even got to make use of the pipeline I had generated in my free time for procedurally building realistic skin on Daz assets. It was one of the more intensive pieces I’ve ever worked on and I’m extremely happy with the results.



Home Comfort

This is an earlier spot from this campaign. It was an autumn ad and the client was trying to reign in new customers with a softer, cozier approach to advertising. In terms of set design, this piece came with a huge learning curve that paid off in the quality of all my ads moving forward.



Behind the Scenes

These are some of the cool moments that happened while building the Breathe Easy spot. They cover some of the technical problems I had to solve and reveal some of my design decisions. Particularly notable in this set are the terrain designs, the set dressing and texturing via vertex map, and learning to use COPs to generate textures for the heightfield.




Films by Luke Parker

Special Thanks

Quixel & SpeedTree who make projects like these possible for smaller teams.