Holdin’ On Music Video




Art Direction


Student project visualizing musician FLUME’s song, “Holdin’ On”, in an animated music video.


What does EDM-Jazz look and feel like?

This was a student project for one of my typography classes. The project was fairly self-directed with course constraints being that the end result had to be a typography-focused piece in a non-traditional medium. I thought a lyric video celebrating one of my favorite musical artists would do the job nicely. When working on the design of it, I was struck by the beautiful harmony between EDM & jazz elements in the song and wondered how I could visually combine those elements. What occurred to me was using a switchboard-esque system to animate raw typography as I thought that would capture the rhythm and flow of the jazz elements. To push in the EDM, I covered it all in bright, saturated colors and gave everything a pixelated, 8-bit polish. Those elements converged to give the effect of watching stage videography at an EDM concert.



Style Frames

Style frames for this piece were interesting to resolve, because in many ways the lyrics set some of the designs preemptively. What I focused on was laying out the type elements all at once into a cohesive “poster” where all elements were active. Then I would test what it looked like when certain key moments of the song were active and re-arrange as needed to resolve those compositions. That process just repeated until the key compositions all resolved while existing nicely within one encompassing layout.



Behind the Scenes

Once I had resolved how I was going to capture feeling of the music, executing this project was relatively straight forward. I spent quite some time designing the original composition and the rest was just tediously keying every lyric or instrument change in time with the music. It took awhile, but resolved quite nicely.




A Film By - Luke Parker
Music - FLUME

Special Thanks

I would like to personally thank FLUME for making such fantastic music. Your work is a constant source of inspiration to my own, and I hope I did that justice with this tribute.