Don’t-Do-It-Dave Campaign




Art Direction
Sound Design


Ad campaign for an HVAC company aiming to comically persuade potential customers to call the company instead of “doing it themselves”.


How do you get someone’s attention in an over-saturated market?

That was the question I asked myself when I found an HVAC company looking to advertise in Louisville. They had very little budget for extensive spots or advertising beyond social media and Youtube headers. Not to mention the market was completely flooded for their industry. I decided the best way to get people’s attention was to keep the narratives brief, very exciting, and relatable. Most people understand what it means to make disasters out of simple mistakes and that empathy makes the hyperbole of Dave comical and entertaining.



Style Frames

This most recent iteration of Dave saw me designing with tempered confidence and much more intent in narrative detail. I focused on making sure audiences could get a good look at Dave and that he would be capable of deeper expression. I experimented with more interesting cinematography and tried to introduce more lifelike environment elements in the frames. Overall, it really feels like the most polished Dave yet.



Dave Gets Chilly

With this Dave, the narrative was extremely straightforward so I wanted to push the environment design as much as possible to keep the spot visually interesting. I completely re-approached my texturing workflows and used some lighting animations to add movement to an otherwise static final scene. The ice block at the end of the spot was particularly enjoyable to figure out.



A Very Dave Xmas

By the time the client asked for the next Dave video, I was feeling. much more confident in my abilities as a 3D generalist. I wanted bigger vfx, better character animations, an extra (minor) character, and a much more adventurous and detailed environment design. The environment design worked out well; though, I’ll admit I may have been reaching a tad far with the rest of the laundry list. Nonetheless the client was ecstatic to see this next Dave, and I was quite pleased with how much I learned along the way.



Dave Gets A Shock

This is the Dave that started it all. The initial client pitch was pretty simple: I want a Youtube header about a guy who shouldn’t do things himself. The storyboards were equally straightforward; amounting primarily to “Dave is working. Dave gets a shock. [Headline rolls] [Outro rolls]”. It all read a bit like a Dick & Jane novel. What I didn’t realize in the early idea development was just how taxing it would be to single-handedly manage a full-production spot with proper character animations and vfx. The whole process took about 3 months of constant learning and putting in far too many hours for this first iteration.



Behind the Scenes

The Don’t-Do-It Dave Campaign has been an incredibly long journey filled with learning and growth. You can see in the various campaign spots how the character design, animation, & vfx all improved (sometimes dramatically) with each iteration. These still highlight some of of those moments of growth and idea development primarily from the most recent spot.




Films by Luke Parker

Special Thanks

A huge thank you to Joyce Chen for putting up with the amount of work I had to bring home.